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An Analysis of Today's Political Reality
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    “The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the facts, they attempt to alter facts to fit their views” ~ Dr. Who

      As one fills out their ballot for the Nov. 2024 Presidential election, disregard policies, successes or, failures of each candidate…there should be one thing and one thing only to consider…


___ Joe Biden – to preserve Democracy and live by the US Constitution, criminal and civil laws   

___ Donald trump – to end Democracy, the US Constitution, and ignore all civil and  criminal laws

Democracy in the U.S. is in Critical Danger

Greetings…..  donald trump and the Republican Party accused the Democratic Party of stealing the Nov. 2020 election, when in fact, it was they themselves that tried and failed. They are preparing to try again in 2024. In a continuing effort to ensure that in the upcoming 2024 election, our Democracy is preserved, this site was created to help counter the ongoing stream of Republican lies and deception. A significant segment of the Republican Party subscribes to trumpism, a philosophy that caters to its members and the elites, and abandons most tenets of Democracy, the rule of law, and the Articles of the US Constitution.

Mission Statement

    To inform active voters of the danger our Democracy faces created by the conversion of the Republican party to trumpism….. To demonstrate to the population at large, the various ways in which the former GOP is attempting to eliminate democracy, using the tenets of former President donald trump as their guide….  and to further enlighten those that support Democracy as to what they can do to preserve it and to hopefully convince some of those that don’t to abandon their support for the GOP and its toxic, anti-democracy candidates. (read about more specific mission goals)

What You Will Find Within This Site

Resources relevant to the 2024 election for President, Senators and House members up for re-election.
Educational information provided to voters as to the current condition of the Republican Party, hopefully reaching the eyes of voters that may still support the previous President and party.
Collection of opinions of voters and publish the results.
Information about the problems of the day and some suggested solutions.
To provide information that leads to the removal of as many Republican Congressmen as possible from office.

List of Congressman Up for Re-Election in 2024 and their positions on those issues they promote

Polling results, as we get closer to Nov. 2024
Links to House and Senate members
Surveys designed to collect opinions
Submit your opinions to local House and Senate Members
A Blog to leave comments and exchange ideas
Links to US Government Agencies
Summary of Voter Suppression Laws Being Passed in States, Listed by State
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 I encourage you to spend some time drilling into the many menu options on this site. There is a lot of content based only on facts. There is a modicum of opinion woven into the truth, but after reading through it, you will be up to speed on the reality of the risks our nation is currently facing.

        Note: Within this site, you’ll find many links to outside information resources and relevant topics. WHEN LINKING TO AN EXTERNAL SITE, USE YOUR BROWSER’S BACK BUTTON TO TO RETURN HERE. Throughout this site, you will find donald trump’s name is written without a proper case. This is intentional.


What has the Republican Party Become?

    Politics in the United States has deteriorated into little more than a domestic war, with all the posturing, misinformation, lies, and even violence that the term implies. This, in large part, has to do with the existence of former President trump and the manner in which he conducted himself. However, the pot on this political mess was boiling long before dj trump arrived on the scene as the Republican Party has adopted positions that make it not so much a political party, but an anti-democracy movement.  The surprising thing about trump’s words and actions is not only how they have garnered the attention and allegiance of so many voters, but how so many Republican House and Senate members have chosen to align themselves with the anti-democracy posture that #45 lived by. By doing so, every last one of them has clearly violated their oaths of office, which include the verbiage “protect the US Constitution”.

     The Republican Party, considered ‘conservatives”, once represented smaller Government, fiscal frugality, and what has been called ‘conservative values’. Over the past 4 years, while the smaller Government mantra prevails, the Party has diverged from the other two policies of fiscal conservatism (the budget deficit is at a record high) and conservative values, which has come to represent in the eyes of most observers, no change or forward progress on almost every issue. Republican objectives at this point in time seem;

  To do anything and everything to deny Democratic voters from reaching the polls and casting votes in future elections. They see the writing on the wall that the Demographics in our country are evolving in such a way the ranks of minority voters (largely Democratic voters) are growing, while proportionately shrinking the ranks of white Republican voters. From the Republican perspective, the only counter to this trend is to come up with as many ways possible to prevent Democratic voters from reaching the polls. This is a practice they have engaged in for decades, but only now is it reaching a critical mass. It is, in their own words, the only chance they have to win.

To prevent bills that are beneficial to the people of the United States passed by the Democratic House from being passed in the Senate. While the majority of 51 stands with the Democrats, Republicans can and will use the filibuster to block most actions presented to them from the House. Even to pass a bill that they may not have a problem with in spirit, they will block it on the grounds that it may make the current administration look good, which is bad for the Republican future.

Republicans, as a group, believe there is no climate change and they will fight any bills that Democrats presented on the topic. Climate change rules cost corporate America money and any bills passed will likely do harm to corporate profits and be reflected in their campaign contributions. The survival of Planet Earth apparently doesn’t matter to Republicans.

The Republican Party has not recently proposed any meaningful legislation that would be beneficial to the people of our country, however, beginning in Georgia and now permeating through other states, are Republican Party created bills that make it harder for minorities (Dem voters) to cast ballots. No Governing, just self-preservation.

Republican legislatures in many red states are passing laws that take the end result of any election out of the hands of voters. Elections will occur, results will come in, and if the legislature does not like who won, they can override the votes and election commission and assign the winner of their choice. They have in essence, set up the mechanisms to just steal elections. Unbelievable as it sounds, this is a fact. Should they succeed, Democracy would be dead. States with Republican legislatures will surely frontload their Electors in the Electoral College in 2024 to be mostly or all Republicans, giving them enough power to override the popular vote at will, which they will certainly do.
Arizona and Texas have already passed these laws. House bill H.R.1 will negate these anti-democracy laws and set a Federal standard for voting rights. Write your congress-people, House Reps, and Senators, Red, Blue, and let them know how you feel about this and want H.R.1 to become law. Be forceful, write monthly. Again, should these laws prevail, Democracy in this country would be dead.

       This website was designed to be a one-stop source for the things I feel voters are most interested in when deciding who they will support in the upcoming 2024 elections. We designed this site to be simple and very easy to use and to understand navigation-wise. 

        Our Country is at a tipping point right now. If the Republicans regain control, democracy in this country as we’ve always known it will be over. The race to save Planet Earth will very likely reach its tipping point of no return. It’s so important that everyone takes the time to become informed and show up at the polls in November 2020 election. Vote Blue, Vote Green, Purple, or Orange, but PLEASE, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD AND THAT OF YOUR FAMILY AND OUR COUNTRY, DO NOT VOTE RED.

NOTE: Throughout this site, d.j. trump will be referred to simply as trump (lowercase). Not President trump or former President trump. This is intentional.

All voting-age Americans need to get informed and involved.  Democracy in the United States may not survive with another full or partially-elected Republican administration.  We would be drastically changed as a Country, having moved far away from the things that made us great over the past 233 years.