What trump Would Do if Re-Elected

Based on his own words at various points in the past, this is what trump will do if elected President;
1. End democracy in the US and establish an authoritarian dictatorship (certain)
2. Tear up the Constitution (he’s already done that) (certain)
3. Fire non-republican judges & attorneys that worked cases against him. Install an Attorney
General that kisses his ass. (certain)
4. Deny Federal funding to all democratic states (certain)
5. Make abortion illegal at the Federal level (certain)
6. Nationalize certain US corporations, taking a hefty percentage of their profits (maybe)
7. End voting as we know it. There will be elections, but outcomes will be predetermined
by trump (certain)
8. Ban historical media, books, black history, and more (maybe)
9. Pass laws restricting the rights of LGBTQ. (maybe)
10. Make himself dictator for life. (I am certain he will try)
11. Ensure that the Party of trump dominates the House and Senate with +10 majorities.
This negates filibusters (certain)
12. News companies, CNN, MSNBC, and resources that promote the former democracy
will be driven out of business by the trump-controlled FCC. Fox News will become state media (probable)
13. Establish concentration camps where he will pace his enemies (anyone who does not support him and is vocal about it). These are his own words.

14. Put all his enemies in jail

15. Convert the military into his own domestic police force (Think Hitler’s SS) His words

16. Once he has the military secured, he will leave the Republican Party in the dust, he won’t need them anymore.

17. Ban abortion and IBF at the Federal level (probable)
18. Try and leave NATO, despite the fact that Congress recently passed a law prohibiting  that
19. Abandon Ukraine support and let Russia have it, and sitting back and watch  China take Taiwan
20. Continue the extreme level of chaos  in Government and the media (see #12 above) the we have become so used to every day

The list above is not fake news or propaganda but is based only on his own words and actions over the past few years.
This is the shortlist, yet the majority of American voters seem to love the thought of it.