The Dangers That We Face

If trump re-captures the White House, this is what we can expect based on actual public statements and actions;

  • Asterisked items are possible, the rest are highly probable

His Stated Goals

1. Abortion ban will become Federal law.
2. Media outlets that do not support trump licenses will be canceled (CNN,MSNBC,NBC, as well as many others). Fox News will become State Media
3. The US will leave NATO.

4. A withdrawal from the world stage. Support for Ukraine and Israel, as well as other global hotspots, will end.
5. The Mexican border will closed or severely restricted. Products and food availability will become scarce, prices will skyrocket.
6. Illegal jailing and assassination will be used as political tools. He has suggested General Mark Miley should be executed. He has suggested in the past that Nancy Pelosi should also be put to death. He indicated he would try and put Joe Biden in jail, as well as others. He has said out loud that he would like to kill certain opposition
7. US Government will be front-loaded with trump supporters. All cabinet position holders will be replaced with anyone who will obey trump.
8. Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid will be canceled or severely cut.
9. Minority voting will be even more restricted and difficult than they have already made it. Elections will still be held, but outcomes will be predetermined. The POT will never lose. He will try and make himself President for life (his words). The cult itself will diminish as he will no longer need them.
10. Almost all, if not all, environmental regulations will be canceled, expediting the demise of Planet Earth
11.* Certain industries could be nationalized to provide the regime with greater revenue streams.
12. Government support for the arts, social programs, National parks and other similar funding will be cut or eliminated.

13.* Although they claim to be against digital currency, they will embrace it like there’s no tomorrow, as that is the ultimate revenue stream and control of Americans’ money.
14. He will attempt to end the US Constitution… he will fail. He will ignore it he did in his prior terms, but he cannot end it. The entire Nation will laugh heartily when he takes the Oath of Office promising “…and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  The reality will be “…and will to the best of my ability, pervert, cancel and destroy the Constitution of the United States.”
15. He will try and use the military domestically at his discretion, which is illegal. It is doubtful he can get away with that, but who knows? Will the military, whose oath to defend the Constitution comply?
16. He has said he will deny Federal funding to Democratic states.
17. Ban certain books from sales, circulation, and libraries. Change accurate history to his liking.
18. Ensure that by rigging, the House and Senate are always +10 majorities, negating any filibusters on legislation.
19. trump is the single biggest security risk to the US ever. He stole top secret documents and more than likely still some. He shared sensitive information with Russians who visited the White House in 2018. His idols and people he looks up to are the world’s most brutal dictators. He will stop at nothing to his own benefit.
20. Pass laws restricting the rights of LGBTQ and minorities, as well as some that apply to everyone.
21. He has stated publicly he will build concentration camps to contain his domestic opposers, immigrants, and anyone else he chooses.
22. If he does manage to control the military, he will completely ignore the RuplicanParty, he won’t need them anymore. His party will consist of only his high-level, anti-democracy supporters.

Who He Is

1. The biggest liar in political history.
1a. He has stated that revenge against anyone and everyone who has not supported him or acted against him is his top priority.
2. The most prolific and diverse white-collar criminal/con man in the history of the world and a retired sexual predator.
3. A self-serving, relatively ignorant idiot with the emotional makeup of a 6-year-old.
4. A person who insults, degrades, and seeks revenge against anyone and everyone who does not support him. A complete lack of morals and integrity.
. His ‘global buddies’ will be Putin, Kim, Russia will become stronger and relations with China will severely deteriorate, eventually leading to war.
6. As he did in his first term, he will profit wildly from his position.
7. Biden opposition thinks Joe is too old to run again. While he has had some ‘moments’, d tump has had more verbal missteps, mispronunciations, and just plain wild and crazy idea, theories and lies that have made jaws drop.

Half of the voting Nation thinks this is the greatest thing since sliced bread and can’t wait to see him in office again. Sick, but a reality.

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    There is still time, time to reverse this trend towards political and functional doom for our Democracy