The Republican Agenda

The  Republican Party would have preferred that people received only a $600 stimulus payment, 1 time only.

→  The core value of the Republican Party is now “the lie”. They lie about the last election, other election results, the pandemic, voting corruption, their own motives, to name a few. They have adopted the former President’s policy of embracing a fact-free political party. It’s hazardous to the few Republicans status within the party to speak the truth, or denounce trump. Unless they lie, the Republican majority will attempt to censure them. Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, and others have been chastised by the Party for supporting trump’s impeachment last year and attempting to promote other truths that do not fit within the bounds of trumpism.

They complain about spending too much money on Biden’s plans to do countless positive things for the country, infrastructure, health care, the pandemic, millions of new jobs increasing the Federal tax base, family leave, a virtual cornucopia of positive things. However, the trump administration created a 7.8T (that’s trillion) dollars in the Federal deficit increase and we didn’t hear them complaining about that, especially when they were handing out tremendous tax breaks to the wealthy (themselves, trump was a huge benefactor of the tax breaks), but spend less than that on the 99% to everyone’s benefit? They will not have it.


Republicans would like to take away the Affordable Care Act, on which millions of people depend for their health care, and reduce Medicare and Medicaid. They have been trying unsuccessfully for years to do this. They claim to “have something better”, but over the past five years have presented absolutely nothing, let alone something better as a replacement.

Republicans would like to greatly reduce Social Security, putting older Americans in an impossible financial situation.  Social Security payments do not even cover the cost of living as it is today.

The greater majority of Republicans still embrace donald trump as the leader of their party. The majority of them supported trump’s attempt to overthrow the Government on Jan 6, 2021, and still buy into the “Big Lie” that the election was somehow stolen. They do this not because they believe it, but because it plays to trump’s base for whom they hope to garner votes. The reality was that trump and Republicans were the ones trying to do that.

The greater majority of Republicans are climate change deniers or at least don’t believe in it, but like so many other things, choose to publicly deny it to the benefit of corporate America. To employ regulations that cost corporations a lot of money to comply with leaves those companies will less profit, thereby fewer campaign contributions to Republican candidates. It also leaves less for Democratic candidates, but it is clear that the Dems put the best interests of Plant Earth before campaign contributions, whereas the Republicans do not.

Republicans would prefer it if no Democratic voters cast ballots, as they do everything both anti-democracy legal and illegal to stop minorities from reaching the polls and casting ballots. As I write, the Republican legislatures across the landing are passing or proposing bills to make it harder for minorities to vote. They have had some success in Arizona and Georgia, there will be other states. They claim it’s to “prevent voter fraud”. The Nov 6, 2021 Presidential election was the most secure and accurate in history, as multiple audits by multiple entities proved, even some Republican ones.

The Biden administration is working hard to bring benefits to the people of our Nation. The Republican position on that is to prevent every bill they can from passing, if only because it would make the current administration look good in the eyes of voters… and will vote down every bill that comes their way unless there is something it for them.

Republican majorities are rushing to pass laws that strip away the legitimate powers of newly elected Democratic governors and to make it much harder for minority groups to vote in elections