Help Contribute to the Cause


       I am seeking individuals that are highly motivated to save our Democracy by preventing Republicans from taking control of the Senate, House, or White House in 2022. They are presently putting countless pieces in place to steal it, just as they accused Dems of doing in 2020. This website is the first piece of what I hope I will evolve into a colossal effort to inform the public at large of both political persuasions, of the danger we face as a Nation if the Republicans succeed.

FIrst… this is not a paying job, this requires people who are highly motivated to preserve our Democracy and are will to put whatever time they can spare into the effort and for the moment will be work from home.


Proofreaders | Content Contributors | Marketing (email, ads, phone) | Ad Design | Creative Ideas | WordPress

EXPERIENCE IN THESE AREAS IS PREFERRED: A thorough understanding of what is going on in Government today, particularly regarding the Republicans effort to undermine Democracy | Writing Skills | Marketing Experience | Ad Design Experience | A Good Phone Speaking Voice | Sales Experience

You can give whatever time you have available to contribute. Whatever your skill-set, everyone will be asked to share, promote, and get to word to the masses about this website. Your reward will be the preservation of our ways of life in America. And should we succeed, you can carry that pride with you for the rest of your life

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Thank you… and please, become informed and help your Country protect itself from the Republican Party and the anti-democracy influences of trumpism.