They’ve GOT to go, 1 down, too many remaining…

Most Toxic Republicans Working to End
Democracy In the United States

Level One
Donald Trump (currently nothing)
  Tucker Carlson & Fox News (distributor of misinformation)
 Joe Manchin (Democrat, Senate WV, maybe) ***
Mitch McConnell (Senate Minority Leader)
Kevin McCarthy (House Rep CA)
Marjorie Taylor Green (House Rep GA)
Ted Cruz (Senator TX)
  Josh Hawley (Senator MO)

Level Two
Ron Johnson (Senator WI)
Lindsay Graham (Senator SC)
Mo Brooks Graham (House AL)
Greg Abbot (Governor TX)
Ron DeSantis (Govenor FL)
Lauren Boebert  (House Rep CO)
Matt Gaetz (House,FL)
  Rudy Guilliaini (Former NYC Mayor, now local idiot)

*** While Joe Manchin is a Democrat, he needs to walk, talk, and squawk like a Republican, if he wants to keep his seat in Ruby Red West Virginia. Presently (as of 6/7/2022).


He may just be a political genius, and as of 6/19/2021. He is walking a path the seems to be stopping Democrats from passing any bills, but he is also negotiating with Republicans to come to a bipartisan agreement on the Infrastructure and HR1 bills. Each time the Democratic side agrees to terms the Republicans say they want, Republicans back away. They get what they want, then they say no. They really don’t want anything to pass because that makes Biden look good.

I think Manchin may have known this before he even started negotiating, that they would never agree to anything. In doing so, Manchin is putting the Republicans on the record as preventing anything and everything that would help the people of America, even Republican voters and trump supporters from passing, lending itself to more Republican voters voting Blue or staying home n Nov. 2022.

Next year, when the campaigning begins full swing, the master list of what Republicans stopped (and tried to stop, like Democracy) will be front and center on every truth-telling news channel, newspaper, social media, etc.. It will be very hard for Republican candidates to get elected if all they have to offer voters is a legacy of stopping bills in their tracks, absolutely nothing of their own, and an unbridled commitment to ol’ donnie trump. (Who will probably be jailed by then, or living in some country with no extradition treaty).

A new study released by the personal finance website shows West Virginia as one of the least educated states in the United States. The study cross-examines several aspects of education,
including the percentage of people with associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, where West Virginia ranked 50th. ~ That explains a lot ~

Please, become informed and help your Country protect itself from the Republican Party and the anti-democracy influences of trumpism.