Voters need to pay very close attention and take the time to do the research into the two candidates and parties that are up to bat for the Nov 2024 election


GOALS: Historically, and to this day, to preserve Democracy and pass legislation beneficial to the people of the United States and to support Democracy around the globe.

ACCOMPSHMENTS: Democrats and Joe Bided have passed more legislation beneficial to the people that both Obama terms and tump’s terms combined.

HEALTH CARE: Will support Obamacare and other programs that keep the people well. Fix social security for future.

WORLD STAGE: Biden and Democrats support democracy around the globe to prevent Russia and China  from expansionism that would eventually lead to more and more autocratic regimes.

PRESIDENT: Joe Biden is old, but he has 40 years of experience and an through knowledge of how Government works, with a wealth of knowledgably advisors to help guide him

MAGA (former Republican Party) – dj tump

GOALS: Historically and to this day, Republicans’ (not known as MAGA) primary goal has been to cater to the wealthy class and corporate America (their campaign contributors). There was a time when they cared about benefits to the people of the United States, but under tump, that time has long passed. Their goal is to end Democracy and install d tump as dictator, obviously, they assume, to their personal benefit

ACCOMPSHMENTS: Republicans have not created a single piece of legislation beneficial to the people. Any bills that have been passed with their approval have been propagated by Democrats. MAGA’s core actions are to impeach people (even their own) they do not like and to obey the directives of dj tump. They do not legislate, but rather obfuscate their role as a political party and of late, choose to deny critical bills proposed by Biden, as it would make him look good in lead up to the Nov. elections.

HEALTH CARE: Will eliminate Obamacare and other programs that keep the people well. Reduce or eliminate Medicare,  Medicaid and social security.

WORLD STAGE: MAGA would remove the US from NATO and withdraw from the world stage, enabling to Russia and China  to overthrow Democratic nations, leading to more and more
autocratic regimes.

PRESIDENT: dj tump has very little knowledge of Government and operates from a shoot-form-the-hip posture that seeks out actions beneficial to himself. In his own opinion, the Government exists to benefit dj tump, to serve his financial situation and/or his ego. While tump 4 years older than Biden, he is functionally older than Joe Biden, with a clear onset of dementia


 By Daniel J Dunn – 3.28.2024 – I am an Independent in support of whoever presents the people of America with the most effective solutions to problems we face, the best interests of the Nation, and Planet Earth, regardless of party.