Republicans War on the US Constitution

    Today, the Republican Party is more accurately called President Trump’s party, which is warring against the Constitution of the US. Most of the Republican members of Congress are unconvinced, except for a few brave few, who have spoken out for fear of repercussions from the party leadership. Leadership in the Party supports Trumpism, where Constitutional protections, legal tenets, and historical examples of how politics have worked in the United States are thrown out.

Former President Trump, who was summarily dismissed in November 2020 by the people of the US., serves their personal interests. They strive to create a dictatorship, also known as authoritarianism. The president is clearly in charge, even though he is no longer in office. Their coup attempt on Jan. 6, 2021, failed when Trump tried it himself.

Former Republican Party positions represented small government, reduced social services, low taxes, and conservative values (whatever those are?).

Currently, they have no significance. In the months since Trump was elected, they have not outlined any new proposals. Democratic legislators have presented the bipartisan bills, and no real legislative efforts originate from the Democratic party. Power is their only goal. Their current and most determined efforts include anything and everything to prevent minority voters from reaching polling places at the state level, as well as changing the structure of the United States Government to suit their needs. This effort goes against democracy, violates the constitution, and is doomed to fail and democracy will triumph.

Ken Paxton, Texas’ attorney general, has filed seditious lawsuits with the Supreme Court requesting that Trump receive the electoral votes in Michigan. Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. An investigation is underway into Paxton’s conduct as a public official. An attempt was made to end the constitutional government, overturning the 2020 election, and install Trump as president. In addition to him, 126 Republicans in the House and 17 other Republican attorneys general joined the suit before it was dismissed by the Supreme Court on a Friday night. Moreover, representative Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has also admitted to represent Donald Trump in the case.

Several different Republican efforts have been made to overturn Trump’s loss at all levels of government.

We haven’t had such difficult material conditions since 1932, and the political environment hasn’t been this dire since 1860. A civil war would be the logical consequence of the Republicans’ rapid attempt to destroy democracy… anything is possible in the future – whichever party controls the military will win.

It would make sense for a party committed to preserving democracy to try to cut off power from the opposition and force it to behave if they faced a seditious party. A Patriot Congress of only those who haven’t carried out insurrection against the United States government would enable Democrats to re-establish democracy by declaring all traitors to be ineligible for office. It certainly makes sense.

The reasoning behind this is very simple. A republican form of government is established by the Constitution, which is sworn to by all members of Congress. A republic operates under a system of rules and democratic elections, in which all the involved parties respect the outcome regardless of their results.

What‘s more, this lawsuit’s premise was ridiculous – arguing that states should be denied the ability to decide which election rules to enforce, since that would mean more Democrats could vote – and provides no evidence at all of tens of thousands of voter fraud incidents.

In fact, a number of the representatives supporting the lawsuit were elected with the fraudulent votes they are now claiming. By having legislatures led by Republicans in only the 4 states where Biden won by a wide margin to pick Trump electors, the proposed remedy would be straight-up election theft. This is therefore a very extravagant attempt to destroy the constitutional system and to impose authoritarian rule on a corrupt stranger, whose harrowing incompetence has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

In response to Texas trying to steal more than one state’s elections, the states of Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania called it a “seditious abuse of the judicial process.” Congress forbids insurrectionists who violate their oath from serving. No matter how absurd and jerry-rigged it is, this is guaranteed by the Constitution. Section 3 from the 14th Amendment, which was composed to exclude traitors of Confederate Civil War, describes that “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress … who … having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress … to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same[.].”

It doesn’t matter what the Supreme Court rules or whether Republican claims are truly true. The insurrection is still insurrection regardless of its outcome.

As stated in the Declaration of Independence, Democrats would have every right to convene a traitor-free Congress, under both the Constitution and the popular sovereignty principle outlined in that document (also incorporating various similar acts performed by different Republican senators like David Perdue, Lindsey Graham, Kelly Loeffler, and others).

It also includes passing specific laws that are vital for preserving the American republic. This might involve placing the presidency at the direct control of a national popular vote, enforcing voting rights protections, banning gerrymandering both on the national and state level, and ensuring full representation for citizens.

It is crucial to end the lame-duck period by regulating internet platforms inflaming violent political extremism, regulating the use of internet platforms inflaming violent political extremism, etc. Prior to substituting their traitorous Senators and Representatives, states will have to agree to these measures. Adding more justices pro-democracy is possible if the Supreme Court objects. Obviously, this isn’t the first time such an incident has occurred.

Following the Civil War, the Radical Republican Congress decided not to seat delegations from the rebel states until the progress of reconstruction had been accomplished in a satisfactory manner. Despite the guaranty of due process and universal male suffrage, the Southern states had to accept the 14th and 15th Amendments in order to sit in Congress. (Accordingly, Until the overthrow of Reconstruction, Black representatives were included in these delegations)

There is almost no chance of the more conservative, timid fossils that run the Democratic Party even considering such an idea (though the New Jersey representative Bill Pascrell has), because it would result showing vision, courage, and honestly acknowledging the plight of the nation. Anyhow, it would be more than narrow legal procedurealism, and it would be a step toward aggressive political innovation and raw, unfettered will to power. In this way, this is conceivable that several states could become embroiled in armed conflict.

Despite these difficulties, it is not difficult to see the directions, which the conservative movement is going. During the course of the election campaign, elected Republicans have used increasingly aggressive tactics to try to overturn the results, while conservative leaders are considering secession, as their forefathers did 160 years ago.

By claiming that Biden stole the election, the lie has become an official Republican doctrine. Moreover, it is not a coincidence that Republicans are ignoring the deadly pandemic (or spreading it) at the same time they are trying to overturn the Constitution. Their beliefs that they are not responsible to the American people enable them to ignore their welfare.

Conservative extremism cannot be stopped from the inside any time soon – not that any such development is visible anywhere – and will end in the violent confrontation or Democrats will give up and acknowledge themselves to be defeated. Still, the founding fathers of this country put themselves in danger in order to disarm tyrannical rule. There is a possibility that we can rekindle some of that spirit.