Mission Statement – Expanded


     There are multiple targets that we hope to influence with our website here, as well as other mediums of information. They are;

      1. To educate already Democratic voters how important it is for them to get to the polls in 2022 and 2024. The middle and upper classes should not be affected by Republican voter suppression to any large degree and for them, it’s a matter of education and motivation.

      2. There exists, a segment of Republican voters, perhaps even as high as 40%, that may not care for trump, insurrection, and all the tenets of the Republican embracing of trumpism, yet they hang in there with the Republican Party hoping they will get back on what they consider the right path. These folks have the potential to be converted or to just stay home at election time. trump will eventually face the music of at least a few of his countless legal cases with guilty verdicts and possible jail time. It’s hard to say how this will affect trump supporters and standard-issue Republican voters, but it should change at least a few minds. Messaging reinforcing the many downsides of trump and the Republican Party could have a positive effect, bring a few over to the Democratic side.

      3. Minority voters made the difference for Joe Biden in 2020 and they will likely play a very critical part again in all future elections. Effective messaging needs to reach minorities that not only explain to them exactly how Republicans are making it harder for them to vote, but also for each state, issue a precise, step-by-step on the best way to vote based on the voter suppression laws that have been passed in their jurisdiction.

To All Voters…

       Messaging to all blue or potential blue voters needs to get them angry… angry about the attempt to undermine Democracy in our nation and the terms and conditions they need to know that enable them to vote in their own jurisdictions. All voters that prefer to live in a Democracy need to get motivated as Republicans trying to end it. Now is not the time for apathy and inaction. There’s that old saying, “Never show up to a gunfight with a knife”.

Please, become informed and help your Country protect itself from the Republican Party and the anti-democracy influences of trumpism.